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  • The Dewsbury

The Dewsbury

The Dewsbury is a nice sized family home with 3 bedrooms. It was built on a 30×20 lot but […]

  • Verde Park

Verde Park

Verde Park, built on a 40×40 lot and currently labeled as a small park, offers many activities for a […]

  • The Lobster Dock

The Lobster Dock

The Lobster Dock is a casual seafood restaurant and bar, inspired by a real place in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. […]

  • The Somerset

The Somerset

  • April 14th, 2014

The Somerset is a quaint New England-style Colonial Revival house with a fully landscaped yard, garage, and plenty of […]

  • The Magnolia

The Magnolia

  • April 12th, 2014

The Magnolia is a nice sized family home with 3 bedrooms. It was built on a 20×20 lot but […]

Your Hosts

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, … oops, wait, wrong intro.

Many moons ago, three young-ish ladies met on a sims forum. One is crazy, one has ADD (aka Sim Fickle-nitus), and one is a creative genius. We’ll leave it to you to figure out who’s who. Nevertheless, they bonded over their hobby and they soon became firm friends. Now, not so young-ish anymore but still crazy as ever, they decided to combine their creativity and share it with the world … or the sims community at least. And the rest is, or will be, history.


I’ve been Simming since February 4, 2000 – the release date of the first Sims game.

And since then, I’ve had no life.

Seriously, though: I’ve had a blast with this game over the years, and even more fun being part of the community, which never fails to amaze me with its awesomeness. I’m proud be a part of it, and to know so many talented, generous, and often hilarious Simmers.


Since I own all the discs, I assume it’s safe to say I started out with TS1 but I don’t remember anything about it. My real love for the sims started with TS2, which I dropped like a hot potato when TS3 was released. It was the open world that did it.

Met some wonderful people along the way and now I’m apparently a musketeer. And my parents thought I’d never amount to anything. 


Who would have thought that Animal Crossing® could have lured me into the Sims? But it did! I hogged my kids’ Nintendo game and was obsessed with getting more stuff so I could sell more stuff so I could buy more stuff for my little house!

One. Ad. On. TV. That’s all it took. One ad for TS2, showing all the different ways one room could look, and I was hooked. (I remember it like it was yesterday. *sigh* )

Been simming ever since.